Photography Weekly Digest for the Week of 2/17/12 to 2/23/12

The weekly photography digest from @InsprdVisn for 2/17/12 through 2/23/12

General Photography (#photography)

Beautiful photos of nature from NJ “A Walk in the Woods

Stunning Examples of Long Exposure Photography | Ginva: via @AddThis

Fairy Tales” a beautiful photo of Bagan, Myanmar – Amnon Eichlberg

34 Breathtaking And Magnificent Examples Of Cityscape Photography

50 Astounding Landscape Photographs That Will Take Your Breath Away

Carnival 2012 – Beautiful and amazing photography via@in_focus

Unique Footage Of Wildlife

Magnificent Skies Above Norway

RT @Reeph 20+ Examples of Edgy Wedding and Bridal Photography

Photographing Glass Blowing  via @wordpressdotcom

RT @paul_steele Photography of New York City Night  RT @ruhanirabin

RT @theplanetd Nightscapes that are popular on Google+ right now via @oz_photographer

The Children of Banta Srei

RT @ArtPhoto Panorama Image of Snow Covering a Mountains at Dusk

RT @Cukemonga Ten Sunrises by George Barker

RT @chinneolhungdim @gardencatlady @TimeLapseGuys: Beautiful Landscapes

Some of The Most Inspiring Landmarks of the World

Exploring Unnatural Light  with photography

The reason photoshop was invented

Amazing and random collection of #photography

(Note: Not all is SFW)

Photos you’ll see the rarest birds in the world

Hang En Cave, Vietnam – National Geographic for Best Wallpapers of 2011

Beautiful photo of Gone Fishin‘ by everlasting

RT @StefanLevesque 36 Stunning ‘Canada’ Landscape Photography by Fortunato  RT @ruhanirabin @2cre8 @theresamax

Stunning Castles of Europe: 21 Great Photos

Rt @ruhanirabin 21 Stunning City Skylines

RT @photoffice Breathtaking Street Photography of New York City by Stanley Kubrick 1940′s

RT @StefanLevesque Stunning Examples of Lightning Photography |  via @TheRedheadRiter @lalaride @Reeph

RT @paul_steele Blue Hour Photography: 40 Inspiring Examples –  RT @usePiclet @cindyvriend

RT @tiger6300 RT @HaidaPrincess 55 Beautiful Seascapes Photography Gallery by M Bera:

RT @photojournsg Samsung US announces rugged and waterproof SD cards

RT @TrevorCurrent RT @LightStalking 88 Links That Are Like Crack for Photographers

15 TOP Google+ Photos for February 15

RT @Cukemonga Seven Winter Photos photography by Anatoly Sokolov

70 Breath-Taking Examples Of Infrared Photography  via @imTaimur

Beautiful photo of a midnight stroll on the Baton Rouge waterfront

RT @PopPhoto The perfect Friday feel-good Photo of the Day:

Photo Tips (#phototip)

Doing an Invisible: Photoshop tutorial

RT @TrevorCurrent Cityscapes: After Dark. Tips for shooting nighttime scenes.

RT @jeffjaspar Painting with light.. when you have a lot of time to spare.

HDR Tutorial | High Dynamic Range Tutorial  via @treyratcliff

RT @GarettFranz How to retouch skin like a BOSS! Come get it!

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