Social Media Weekly Digest 3/2/12 through 3/9/12

Here’s your weekly digest of all the social media posts from @InsprdVisn for the week from 3/2/12 through 3/9/12

RT @BtoBSocialMedia What and How To Share In Social Media

RT @Wiebesick Bookmarked-> 7 New Facebook Changes Impacting Businesses  via @smexaminer

Facebook Interest Lists Turn Your Feed Into a Personalized Newspaper via @mashable

RT @Wiebesick Five Things You Need to Fix on Your Facebook Business Timeline  via @sazbean

RT @Wiebesick Coke, Ford, AT&T have awesome ones-> 40 Creatively Awesome Facebook Timeline As Used By Brands:

RT @BtoBSocialMedia The Definitive Guide to AdWords Display Targeting – Search Engine Watch

RT @BtoBSocialMedia 5 Ways to Generate Content in B2B

The ultimate guide to #Facebook fan engagement | Articles

RT @jmctigue New SME Post => Facebook and the Transformation of Corporate Content

RT @Sprinklr 9 Tips that Will Change How You Use Social Media:

RT @SMChimps Small Business Social Media Cheat Sheet  INFOGRAPHIC

RT @buckleyheather FREE Facebook Timeline design template plus everthing else you need to know

RT @DashBurst Friday Humor: Funny Items from Pinterest

RT @SusanGilbert What brands are at the top in Pinterest

And don’t forget, to see more of my tweets organized into different categories check out Inspired Vision’s Twylah feed!


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