Photography Weekly Digest for the Week of 3/16/12 to 3/22/12

The weekly photography digest from @InsprdVisn for 3/16/12 to 3/22/12

General Photography (#photography)

10 Awesome Nature Scenery Pictures |

Cool shot from Russia by Natalia Belentsova – Sony World Photography awards winner, low light

Sarajevo, 1996/2011

Piere 39 … San Francisco

Creepy Killer Fog & the Price of Good Weather

Stairs Of Paris | gwpstudio

Isle of Skye Drama in Monochrome

30 Beautiful Pictures of Scotland

The Turquoise Waters of Baia dos Porcos

30+ Perfectly Taken Shots of Black & White Street Photography | Modny73

Multiple-Year Exposure Photography

Washington, D.C., celebrates 100 years of friendship, cherry blossoms

In Search Of The Perfect Moment in Africa by Mario Moreno Photography | Photography Office

35+ Story Telling Umbrella Conceptual Photography | Web Design Burn

85 Beautiful Castles In Europe

New York City’s Hidden Subway Station

New York City can be beautiful! | Pixiq

15 Amazing Examples of Desert Landscape Photography

New York City photos by Charles W. Cushman reveal 1940s life in the Big Apple

Is a Black and White-Only Digital Camera a Great Idea? [Qotd]

21 Creatively Captured Moon Reflections in Water

30+ Examples of Crazy Surreal Photo Manipulations | Glazemoo: The Creative World

Photo Tips (#phototip)

How to Choose A Metering Mode

Photoshop Crash Course | Jeremy Shuback . com

Click through to the article. Contains 30 videos at 8 minutes a piece. Worth the visit!

The Most Wanted Design Tutorials in Photoshop

Photoshop CS4: A Picture Worth a Thousand Words « « Layers Magazine Layers Magazine

10 Lessons for Portrait Photographers: The Art of Story

50 Free and Useful Water Textures | Top Design Magazine – Web Design and Digital Content

Bill’s Black & White Photoshop Action

250 photography tutorials | Pixiq

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