Why I’m Putting My Company on Pinterest: The Pinterest Series

The following set of series will revolve around my strategy while looking at Pinterest for Seaboard traders, and why I’m going to try it out. I personally believe that you should have a strategy for any social media platform that you are interested in. This should lead you to the value proposition for the customer and the company. What are you doing that would make a customer want to come back, and why does that benefit your company.

First, some background into who and what this is all about.


For those that don’t know, the Pinterest Platform is a graphic heavy interface that allows customers to “Pin” or bookmark products, ideas, tutorials or any other content they want to “boards” or folders that they create. Companies can create platforms as well to push either products or how to content (Ex: LionsGate).

Seaboard Traders

Seaboard traders is my brother’s online web store. It is a collaboration of 19 different Amazon stores selling a variety of products from collegiate tailgate products to fine Christmas gifts. Over the past couple of years he has significantly grown the sales of his stores through product management and building relationships with vendors. However, at this point, Seaboard products are still found primarily through web searches on Amazon. I’m hoping through our use of Pinterest we can move people from the Amazon stores to our actual web stores in order to drive company awareness and repeat customers.


Significant Growth In Usage

Based on numbers from The Wall Street Journal, Pinterest is now tied with tumblr as the second most time spent online for social media.

Top 5 Referral Site

Pinterest is now among the top 5 referral driver sites, and is tied with Twitter.


Women make up 87% of the Pinterest users. This actually corresponds perfectly with our demographics on Facebook where we have 88% female followers. Game Day Tackle’s demographics being mostly women might surprise some people, but it shouldn’t. While men might love to tailgate, it’s the women that actually buy the products for those tailgates. That being said, since the demographic match up, including our Google Analytics, we think it’s going to be a good match.


All that being said, it looks like Pinterest just might be the place to play for us.

It’s a growing platform = This is America, no one likes the be on the losing team.

The demographics match = There is no point in spending time on a platform with none of your customers.

It’s a high referral site – Guess what, this is exactly what we want to do for the company.

Value Proposition: Provide customers with an interactive platform to learn about our products and personalities, and to drive customer adoption and awareness of our sites.

So this all seems pretty simple and straight forward, right? We’ll see how that works out. As always, please comment and post if you have insight / questions / disagreement.

Next up: Pinterest Focus: Which Products Make Sense


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