Hangzhou China in 16 Photos: Picture 1

I’m pulling out some old photos from my trip to China in 2009, and I’ll show them in sets for each of the city I’ve visited. The first set will be from a side trip to Hangzhou China. This is a really nice vacation city south of Shanghai. The main attraction is West Lake (map) with walking paths and restaurants. The second attraction is a beautiful temple in the mountains called “The peak that flew here from afar”. For the first photo I am showing an image for the Dragon boat. This was the first thing that I saw when I walked up to West Lake and it struck me as much for its awkward shape, as it did for the beautiful details. I didn’t have time to take a night cruise on the boat, but it looked like a lot of fun.

Photo 1: The Dragon Boat on West Lake in Hangzhou China

Hangzhou China Picture 2 →


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