Three Days in Paris: Picture One

I recently spent the first three days of my honeymoon in Paris after getting married in Atlanta. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my good tripod with me (since it kind of kills the romanticism to carry it instead of holding my wife’s hand) so some of the night shots did not end up how I’d like. However, I did get some shots I’m pretty happy about, and want to share with you all.
The first picture is after leaving the Louvre at around 9 pm we had a beautiful sky, so I ran the ISO up to 1000 and shot a couple of photos. Unfortunately I did not have a tripod, so the exposure couldn’t be a long as I wanted. Still, I was able to get a great set of photos that I turned into the Panoramic photo you see here.
Shot with a Nikon D40 at ISO 1000 for 3 seconds

Picture 2 –>


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