Three Days in Paris: Picture Three

I recently spent the first three days of my honeymoon in Paris after getting married in Atlanta. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my good tripod with me (since it kind of kills the romanticism to carry it instead of holding my wife’s hand) so some of the night shots did not end up how I’d like. However, I did get some shots I’m pretty happy about, and want to share with you all.

The third photo comes from the left side of Eglise De La Medeleine which was designed in its present form as a temple to the glory of Napoleon’s army. On our way to the Opera house we passed by this beautiful church and couldn’t help but stop in. As we came out I noticed that the columns running down the left side of the building were getting some great shadows from the afternoon sun, and decided to snap a few pictures.

<–  Picture 2                                                                    Picture 4 –>


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