Three Days in Nice: Picture One

I recently spent the second three days of my honeymoon in Nice after getting married in Atlanta. Nice is an amazing city on the southern coast not to far from Canes. It has a beautiful beach, though a bit rocky, and a great old town section. I absolutely loved the old town, and hanging out down in the squares and side alleys after the sun went down.

How we ended up eating Moules Frites in the town square at 10 pm is actually a funny story. My wife and I thought it would be a lot of fun to eat at the oldest seafood restaurant in Nice, which would be Cafe De Turin. This 105 year old eatery has been around since Nice was a small fishing village, and we had high hopes for the place. That didn’t work out quite well. Now, we’re definitely not picky eaters, but there was one small problem. The menus were only in French, which I don’t speak and my wife doesn’t speak enough of. We ended up ordering a few dishes that just weren’t quite set to our pallets (It didn’t help that I had no idea what anything was, it it all looked like raw blended seafood). Oh well, we tried.

So after being left less than satisfied, we decided to wonder around the old town quarter to grab a beer and some wine. Low and behold we stumbled onto a large square with about 5 restaurants manning dozens of outdoor tables. At this point, the square looked like bistro style heaven. After sitting down we noticed that a bucket of Moules Frites was about $10, and thus our second dinner commenced at 10 at night. I’m not going to lie, sitting outside next to the fountain may not have been quite as fancy as Cafe De Turin, but it was a lot more fun and that’s what it’s all about.


One thought on “Three Days in Nice: Picture One

  1. Hey there… I’ve been reading through your blog posts and have to say that I’ve taken your advice and when I was in Nice myself and stumbling across this square I see in your photo, I sat down for a meal of moules et frites too (which were delicious). Anyways, I’m also here to say that I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. If you’d like to accept, check out the rules here: Keep up the posts!

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