A Stop In St. Louis: Water Front Arch

This January, my wife and I decided to drive up to Illinois to see my Grandmother for her 96 birthday. Since we were heading up from Georgia to central Illinois we decided to include some stops along the way. The first night we stopped in St. Louis on the way up and stayed at the Hyatt Regency right by the arch. This was my first time staying in St Louis and since I only had one night there I got right to taking pictures of the arch. The nice part about visiting in January is that I was the only one motivated enough (you can read that stupid enough) to go photograph the Arch in 6 degree weather. As you walk around the park there are a dozen different vantage points to view and photograph the Arch.

This picture was taken below the arch from the waterfront parking area. It added some architectural elements with the brick parking area and the barge chains on the ground. There was no eliminating the lights, so I worked to make sure they didn’t overshadow the rest of the photo.

Gateway Arch, Night Photo

The second photo is a closeup of the barge chain on the parking grounds.

Chain and bricks


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