Nautical Nursery Art

As my wife and I plan the decorations and design of our first son’s nursery we are working on a Nautical theme for the room. We have decided to go with Hale Navy and Azores colors from Benjamin Moore, so we’re working on wall art to frame using those as a template. I created these images using Shapes in Photoshop to create the main image. Check back soon for the how-to instructions to make simple wall art like this.

I’ll be printing these out as 8″ x 10″ soon to hang. If you would like to use them yourself feel free to click through to Flickr and download them from My Page.

sailboat, wall art, nursery

love, wall art, nursery

dream big, dream, nursery, wall art

anchor, nursery, wall art, nursery art

lighthouse, nursery art, wall artfish, wall art, nursery art





UPDATE: We’ve got the pictures framed and on the wall. Printed them on card stock and framed them in white.


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