Testing White Balance on a Samsung Galaxy S 5 Active

So I’ve been playing around with all the different camera settings on my new Samsung Galaxy S 5 Active, and a recent sundown from my back porch gave me the option to test out the white balance. As you can see, there is a distinct difference between the two settings when shooting the sunset. These two shots were done within a minute of each other, so there wasn’t a shift in light. Overall, I’m happy with the impact of white balance shifts within the phone, and it shows that the features aren’t just there for lip service.

It just goes to show that if you aren’t getting the breadth of colors on your phone that you see with your eyes, change the white balance.


samsung galaxy s 5 active, white balance

Samsung Galaxy S 5 Active, White Balance, Camera Phone

White Balance = Auto


sunset, Galaxy S 5 Active, white balance

White Balance = Auto


sunset, Georgia, Galaxy S 5 Active, White Balance

White Balance = Cloudy


White Balance, Galaxy S 5 Active, Sunset, Georgia

White Balance = Cloudy


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