St. Croix: Christiansted Harbor

In 2011 my wife and I took a trip to St. Croix during October. This is off season and we got a fantastic deal on both flights and hotel lodging. Honestly this is how we normally travel since it saves us a lot of money. We stayed at Chenay Bay on the north west end of the island at the Chenay Bay Beach Resort which was a great location. Throughout the week we spent a lot of time both going snorkeling and driving around the island to see different towns. Since it was off-season the island was almost dead from a tourist perspective, but the restaurants were open, and everything was available.

My wife and I spent multiple evenings down in Christiansted Harbor during our week in St. Croix. It wasn’t far from Chenay Bay so it was a quick hop out in a taxi . The harbor had a lot of great little shops and restaurants to hang out at in the evenings. Even though it was off season we had a ton of fun watching the hermit crab races at Fort Christian Brew Pub. For the two pictures below, I was doing a light modification in Photoshop and accidentally slipped the saturation all the way down. I liked it and saved out a copy, now I can’t decide which version I like better.

Bay, Christiansted


Christiansted Bay



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