SEO Impact of Sharing Bit.Ly Links On Twitter

For the past couple of years we have been sharing Tweets through our business channels with Tips & Tricks on our products and services. These tweets are not designed or expected to go viral, and generally are used to drive a small volume to our support channels for awareness purposes and to highlight trending support issues. On average we share ~20 new shorted links a month proactively on Twitter for our different customer segments and products. These links are only shared on Twitter, and are not posted in any other location.

The following study is based on our recorded clicks during the month of October, and here are some highlights from the study:

  • We received 2,354 clicks on shared links.
  • We shared 18 new links in the month of October.
  • A Total of 182 individual links received clicks.
  • Links created up to 19 months ago receive clicks.

One of the first takeaways from the study is that we had clicks on links shared over nineteen months ago. This definitely goes against most people’s perception that tweets only last a short period of time.

twitter_seo, social strategy

The second item that came up was the impact that search engines play for shared links. After four months of age, search engines take over as the predominant source of clicks on the links, accounting for around 80% of the volume of engagement.

social seo

In any given month, over 70% of the clicks on our shared tweets come from links that were shared over six months ago.

social strategy, twitter seo

When you standardize the data by dividing the number of clicks by the number of active links in each month, you can see that there is no apparent impact of Tweet age on how often customers find and access links.

social strategy, twitter seo

In conclusion: Links shared on Twitter are an excellent way to generate an additional entrance point to your buy or care flows, and to drive organic SEO. Always keep in mind that the majority of engagement on your non-viral tweets will occur on search engines months after the point of posting.

twitter seo, social strategy


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