Christmas Time Is Here

Christmas Time is here, and every year I get excited about the lights and festivities. Next week my wife and I will be taking our son to see the lights at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, and as a primer for the fun, here is a throwback video from last years light show.

Also, here are some of my previous posts from New Orleans and Atlanta from the last couple years.

Christmas Nights at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Christmas In New Orleans: French Quarter

Christmas In New Orleans: The Trolly

Christmas In New Orleans: Fluer De Lis in the Trees

Christmas In New Orleans: Fluer De Tree

Christmas In New Orleans: St Louis Cathedral

Christmas In New Orleans: Canal Street

Christmas In New Orleans: The Roosevelt

Christmas In The Oaks: Ferris Wheel

Christmas In The Oaks: Live Oaks

Christmas In The Oaks: Flute Fountain

Christmas In The Oaks: Conservatory

Christmas In The Oaks: The Alligator



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